New Website, New Organisers!

Organised Beauty has finally launched a new website showcasing their very own hand-made makeup drawers and storage made from high quality acrylic. They are absolutely stylish and luxurious looking which will give one a totally stylish and organised look in no time. A wide range of makeup organisers and makeup storage pieces are listed on their new website and are sold through Amazon’s platform. This way, you can be assured of efficient and fast delivery along with the utmost customer service it provides. Organised Beauty aims to help out on-the-go women who would need a makeup item makeover by properly organising them. This way, they will be able to have a clutter-free closet / counter which is able to properly utilize the makeup items they have. Aside from that, these makeup drawers are also space savers, as they are designed to be stacked together in order to maximize the space without jeopardizing the number of items that can be stored. The Organised Beauty makeup organiser line is perfect for both professional make-up artists as well as for those DIY beauty aficionados. Pro makeup artists can choose from their varying designs of makeup drawers such as this 6 tier makeup organiser. For those who needs an organiser but do not have much space on their counters, they can also look at their small makeup organiser. Their product lines are made of the highest quality acrylic as they regard quality as their top priority in all of their activities. These high quality products are made to ensure that no woman will ever be late to their appointments because of the lost time consumed while looking for a makeup item such as a lipstick or an eyebrow curler. These makeup drawers will help solve that situation and prevent those things from happening again. Aside from the listing of the products they offer, Organised Beauty will also have a customer interaction section on their new website. This way, they will be able to collect first hand information about what their customers’ opinions are and what would be their desires in helping the product to become more useful for them. This goes to show that the company is paying attention to their customer and values their opinions. These opinions will then be compiled and considered as options for improvement on their existing product lines or even to make produce another set of product lines which will diversify and create more variations on their product lines too. The company will also put out monthly newsletters from their new website wherein monthly updates about the company and their products will be published. To top it off, there are also occasional attractive deals that will be circulated through them. This are for those loyal customers who have opted to receive the monthly newsletters when they subscribed on the website. This is Organised Beauty’s way of keeping their customers updated on what’s going on as well as rewarding them for being loyal and repeat buyers. The website is in the initial stages of operation and we will be seeing more content in the near future. Organised Beauty is planning to have blogs section put up on the website to ensure that everyone will be informed of the latest trends and the innovations as well on their product lines. In the meantime, customers will can redirect on the company’s Instagram Facebook and Pinterest accounts to get more updates from time to time. There are one click button options on the website which will have direct links to every social media platform mentioned. All in all, Organised Beauty is excited to have finally put up a website to ensure better performance and faster service for their customers. It’s also a great venue for putting up a public listing of all their products that can be shown through various audiences. Please sign up to our mailing list here where we will share special promotions, beauty solutions and let you in on all the latest beauty gossip.

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